The Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is in the early stages of an airfield project outlined in our five (5) year Capital Improvement Program titled "New TWY (E/L)".  A pivotal and key next step is to select an engineer for this project.  Our plan is to initiate this step in January 2022.  This project will involve the decommissioning of Runway 4R/22L and Taxiway E (TWY E).  Following the decommissioning of the above surfaces, the Airport will construct a new Taxiway  L (TWY L) to connect existing Taxiway L to the threshold of 22R.  This project will provide numerous benefits including addressing existing hot spots, addressing line of sight issues, providing full length parallel taxiways adjacent to our two primary runways, and improving the utilization of the southeast end of the airfield.  A proposed layout of the project is shown on the exhibit below.

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1 - Location Map
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