Picking up someone? 

Before you leave, you may want to check the flight status. If you decide to wait in your vehicle at curbside, stay with it at all times. We don't want to tow your unattended vehicle any more than you want us to tow it. Unlike many other airports, we allow you to park and wait for your passenger in front of the terminal provided you do not leave the vehicle unattended.
If you plan to arrive at the airport before the passenger's flight lands, you can park in the BTR cell-phone lot. It is adjacent to the end of Runway 4 Left, which is on your right as you approach the airport entrance on Veteran’s Blvd coming from Harding and the I 110 exit. It is also a great location to watch aircraft takeoff and land. 

Inside, the best place to wait for your party

is in our arrival court on the second level of the terminal building by the fountain. Restrooms, vending, and comfortable seating is provided. You can also enjoy our History of Harding Field display while you wait.

Airlines can arrange for special accommodations for passengers such as the use of a wheelchair. You can put in a request for a wheelchair or other assistance with your airline by calling the reservations department, or in some cases making the request online. When checking-in for your flight, you can re-confirm the wheelchair request at the airline counter.

Only ticketed passengers are allowed in the gate area.

Airlines occasionally issue passes to non-passengers with reasonable requests, e.g. when picking up a child or an ill relative. At its discretion, each airline determines whether your request meets gate pass eligibility. Please check with a ticket agent for the applicable airline to request a gate pass.
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