advertising btr bannerAdvertising at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport is an effective way to reach a high-income, highly-educated customer. Nearly 800,000 passengers pass through the airport annually.


Airport advertising opportunities include the following:

  • Tension fabric displays customized to client preferences. 
  • Wall-Wraps and clings are installed in areas with heavy passenger traffic and can be directly applied to various surfaces throughout the airport, including walls, windows, columns, and doors.
  • Digital Displays ads that can be interactive with eye-catching motion or static campaigns.
  • Baggage Carousel Displays.
  • Standing Displays.
  • Banners visually dominate a space and are strategically placed to provide head-on views and ideal sightlines.
  • Large Wall Spaces.
  • Exhibits provide a unique and interactive environment for passengers to learn about, sample and engage with a brand.
* Special rates for multiple location packages

If you are interested in advertising with us

please contact Tim Fazekas with Clear Channel at 610-674-6174 or email: 
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