Earn Miles When You Park, Shop and Dine at the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport

  • Enroll Now - Sign up by registering any major credit or debit card with BTR Rewards. It's easy and secure.
  • Earn Miles - Get one mile for evey dollar spent on parking, shopping, or dining at the airport.
  • Bonus Miles - Earn 100 bonus miles for enrolling from your mobile device.
90-Day Spend = Bonus Miles
$250-$499.99       500 Miles
$500-$999.99       1,500 Miles
$1,000 or more     4,000 Miles
For Example: Spend $150 in the parking garage and $100 at the Paradies Shop
within 90 days. You earn a base reward of 1 mile per dollar (250 miles) plus a
bonus of 2 miles per dollar (500 miles) for a total of 750 miles. That's triple miles!



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