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Ground Transportation & Parking

Taxi, Limo & Shuttle Services

Taxi Services
A's Taxi 225-272-1900
Bayou Taxi 225-274-0608
Blue Streak Cab 225-272-9884
Coupee Cab Company 225-281-8790
Dunn's Cab 225-978-4042
Ed's Taxi 225-337-2748
Fighting Tiger Cab225-588-0528
Fini Cab225-802-4434
Hello Taxi 225-892-1538
Mackie Cab 225-774-9645
Metro Taxi 225-773-5687
Pure at Heart Taxi 225-315-5220
Richardson's Cab 225-229-3759
Sanders Airport Cab 225-721-3285
Shelimire's Cab 225-933-1906
Tammy's Taxi 225-252-6620
W. Jones Cab225-405-2852
Yellow Cab 225-926-6400
Yes-Taxi Cab

Limo Services
Impeccable Transportation Service225-571-3371
JPS Executive Car Service225-572-8769
Shamrock Sedans225-300-7363

Shuttle Services
Airport Shuttle Service225-933-7107
Tiger Airport Shuttle225-333-8167

If you arrive late into Baton Rouge, Yellow Cab service can be arranged by calling (225) 926-6400.

Taxi Rates as of July 2008

Mileage rates:
  • Fifty cents ($0.50) for the first one-fourth mile or fraction thereof;
  • Fifty cents ($0.50) for each additional one-fourth mile or fraction thereof; ($2.00 per mile)
  • Three dollars and sixty cents ($3.60) per trip additional as a fuel and insurance surcharge;
  • Thirty dollars ($30.00) for each hour, or fifty cents ($0.50) for each one (1) minute, of waiting time for traffic lights, trains, backed-up traffic, etc., for which purpose the installation of an electronic clock, or meter, is hereby authorized, whereby the clock or meter will clock over fifty cents ($0.50) for each one (1) minute that the cab is stopped due to an obstruction of the traffic flow.
  • An additional hazard fee of one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) per trip will be charged between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m.